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Ocean Water Fertilizer in South Lake Tahoe, CA--About Us

SEA-CROP is an all-natural and highly effective ocean water fertilizer in South Lake Tahoe, CA. This fertilizer is your solution for successfully growing nutritious, delicious fruits and vegetables. Our company is an extension of the life’s work of pioneer scientist Dr. Maynard Murray. His groundbreaking book, “Sea Energy Agriculture,” is well-known and loved by many. Over a century of well-documented research has shown that seawater can have profound effects on both plant and animal life, provided sodium chloride is not over-applied.

In the late nineteenth century, Dr. Rene Quinton performed experiments to show that seawater could be used to replace blood in animals. He went on to develop a seawater extract that was used for transfusions in place of blood plasma during World War I.

During the twentieth century, Dr. Maynard Murray spent decades doing agricultural research with both plants and animals to demonstrate the many benefits that can be obtained by using both ocean water and ocean water concentrates.

In the twenty-first century, Ambrosia Technology, LLC has continued research based on the work of these pioneers and has developed SEA-CROP. These concentrated sea minerals contain all of the wonderful goodness of seawater, but with the sodium chloride reduced by 95%. It is believed that the 89 elements in seawater working together with its contained organic content are responsible for its well-documented positive effects.

Seawater Mineral Food Results

Revolutionary Product with Measurable Results

Many gallons of seawater are processed to produce a single gallon of SEA-CROP concentrate. A gallon of concentrate makes 100 gallons of SEA-CROP ready for application.

Elements from the ocean--such as organic substances, fulvic acid, minerals, and byproducts of volcanic eruptions on the seafloor--make a nutrient-rich compound that creates a catalytic trigger. This trigger releases nature’s energy to give the full benefit of soil microflora symbiosis. Over the past eight years, field trials of our trace minerals have demonstrated the following traits:

• Improved Root Growth
• Improved Plant Growth & Yield
• Crop Yields Increased by 15%-35%
• Improved Nutrient & Water Uptake
• Reduced Drought Stress & Drought Tolerance
• Reduced Transplant Shock
• Improved Germination When Used to Soak Seeds
• Higher Brix Readings Resulting in Improved Taste, Shelf Life, & Insect Resistance
• Increased Cellular Respiration
• Increased Phototropism

• Increased Photosynthesis
• Increased Soil Microflora
• Nitrogen Fixing & Other Bacteria
• Phosphorous Leaching & Other Fungi
• Improved Soil Tilth & Aeration
• Healthier Plants
• More Flowers & Larger Fruit
• Increased Mineral & Vitamin Content
• Growing Cycles Shortened by Weeks

With our product, you don’t need expensive fertilizers to enhance the quality of your soil. Our concentrated minerals optimize your garden or nursery so you can grow more robust produce. The science is simple. By using our fertilizer, you fortify your soil with the ocean’s rich organic substances. What’s more, it’s so concentrated that a little goes a long way. When fruits and vegetables are better nourished all along, they are healthier, more flavorsome, and longer-lasting. If you’re looking for a cost-effective way to improve your garden’s yield, reach out to us.

Our fertilizer is designed to work alongside organic compost. You should not use other fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides with our product. An easier way to produce healthy, natural food is our primary goal. In fact, we’ve even had success with livestock that have flourished when given the correct amount on ocean water fertilizer. Of course, measuring properly is the key. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions about the proper proportions of our mineral concentrate. With the nutritional power of our product, you can unlock your garden’s full potential.

Theories abound that the source of life on earth is the sea. From the earliest instances of microbes and cellular life to the rich ecosystem the ocean is today, seawater holds the key to life. With our fertilizer, you can tap into the natural potential that’s part of the composition of seawater. Life requires life to thrive; you don’t need to be a scientist to agree that natural, organic fertilizer better promotes agricultural growth than potentially harmful, synthetic chemicals. After years of research and successful results, our fertilizer finally lets you get back to basics, back to nature, and back to life’s source: the sea.

Contact us for more information. We serve customers nationwide from our headquarters in South Lake Tahoe, California.